Spin-Parity Analysis of pp̅ Mass Threshold Structure in J/ψ and ψ(3686) Radiative Decays

Confirmation of the X(1835) and Observation of the Resonances X(2120) and X(2370) in J/ψ→γπ+π-η

Observation of a pbar p mass threshold enhancement in Ψ' → π+π− J/Ψ(J/Ψ → γ pbar p) decay

Centrality, azimuthal and rapidity dependence of two-particle transverse-momentum correlation in relativistic heavy ion collisions

Two-particle azimuthal angle correlations and azimuthal charge balance function in relativistic heavy ion collisions

Two-charge-particle azimuthal correlations and the azimuthal balance function in RQMD and AMPT

Rapidity, azimuthal, and multiplicity dependence of mean transverse momentum and transverse momentum correlations in π+p and K+p collisions in √s=22  GeV

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